Hi, I'm Ksenia, a graphic designer from Moscow!

Scroll down to see some of my recent work!

Audible Series of posters
A series of posters to advertise Audible, a subscription service with the world’s largest selection of audiobooks. The client wanted to promote the idea of multitasking and emphasize the fact that Audible lets members be more productive while being on the go or any time their hands are busy but their mind is free.
Fit Cat Campaign
A multi-channel campaign for “Royal Canin”, the pet food company. The campaign aims to raise people's awareness on growing problem of cat obesity. The client also wanted the campaign to be linked to an event and appeal to a younger audience.
Storm Brand Identity
Naming and Brand Personality Development for “Storm”, a new startup company which focuses on razors production. The two co-founders aimed to create a brand that would stand out from the uninspired competition and wanted to give the product loads of personality.
Explo Corporate Identity
Naming and Corporate Identity Development for “Explo”, a new multipurpose events and conference complex. The client wanted the venue to become a cultural and business hub in the area, so the aim was to create a flexible identity that would work across a broad range of collateral and evoke the exciting possibilities the venue has to offer.
Joyn Brand Identity
Naming, Brand Personality Development and UX design for “JOYN”, a new startup company launching a sim network and data provider with no locking contract. The company aims to keep people connected no matter where they are and values functionality, freedom and friendliness.
Lee Granola Packaging
Naming and Packaging design for “Lee”, the new Premium Granola product. The client aimed to develop a background story for the product to take the target audience on the journey and give the brand more personality.
Janavi Handmade Design
The handcrafted vinyl cover design for an album “Janavi” by the two russian hip-hop singers Hammali and Navai, which consists of the saddest heartbreak songs.
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